A SCIL “Trailblazer” is a person who dedicates part of their time making a difference for people with disabilities within the community by creating or maintaining equal rights and equal access for all.

If you have a project you are working on or a concern about access within your community, please contact Shelby Butler by calling the Southwest Center for Independent Living at 417-886-1188 or 1-800-676-7245.

Trailblazer: July 2012 – Donald Blitch

Donald recently worked on advocating for people with disabilities regarding a safety issue at one of the businesses in his own community. After repeated contacts with the business manager, Donald received no answers concerning the safety issue with their accessible entrance.

Donald decided to do some homework and found the contact information for the corporate office of the business, where he reported his concerns about the accessible entrance safety issue. Donald received a call back from the corporate office and a meeting was scheduled with a corporate representative.

Donald attended the meeting as scheduled and both sides now have better understanding of the safety concerns with their accessible entrance. The meeting ended with a handshake and a promise from the corporate representative to fix the safety issue concerning the accessible entrance.

Donald plans to do a follow up in a few months to check on progress. Trailblazer will follow Donald and his project and post any updates!


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