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Augmentative Communication Devices

david proloquo2goThe Assisting Consumers Through Technology (ACTT) department recently assisted a consumer who had lost his ability to speak due to cancer find adaptive devices to help him communicate with the outside world.

AT Specialist, Shannon Powell, helped him find a phone that would meet his needs through the Missouri Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) and found many augmentative communication devices that would help him communicate in person. The bad news: many augmentative communication devices cost several thousand dollars.

The good news, Shannon found a solution that would fulfill David’s need to communicate and at a low cost. She helped him apply for a grant from an area trust fund to purchase an iTouch and the Apple application called Proloquo2go.

Proloquo2go is a picture driven touch screen application that speaks for you for use on iTouch, iPad or iPhone. By stringing together words or phrases and touching the speech bar the Proloquo2go will say anything you want it to. For David, the ease of learning the iTouch, the application Proloquo2go means that he will be able to communicate freely again.

If you would like to know more about the Proloquo2go app go to:  www.proloquo2go.com

Tproloquo2goop 15 iPhone Apps for the Disabled:

  1. iComm
  2. Parking Mobility
  3. Sign Smith ASL Essential
  4. Learn Braille
  5. iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant
  6. SoundAMP Lite
  7. Allergy Runner
  8. Food Additives 2
  9. Alzheimer’s Cards
  10. Proloquo2Go
  11. Diabetes Buddy Lite
  12. Voice Phone
  13. iPills
  14. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Reference
  15. My Emergency Info

Source: http://www.silvercross.com/blog/general/15-iphone-apps-for-the-disabled/

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