After High School, Then What?

By Nathan Zoromski

conrad certificateUpon graduation from high school, teenagers have countless paths they may embark upon. Many of these paths begin long before commencement day. The process of transitioning into independent adulthood is challenging for young adults with and without disabilities alike. Every student has their own dreams, goals and ideas of what it means to be an independent adult.

One such area student, Conrad, has taken advantage of his support system that has empowered him to have a successful post high school transition.  Conrad’s perspective on life, desire to better himself, and desire to give back to others is something that we may all benefit from.

Upon graduating in 2010 from the St. John’s Business Associated Student Education (BASE) program through Springfield Public Schools, Conrad didn’t hesitate to continue his education through taking classes at Ozark’s Technical Community College (OTC). Now, in his third semester at OTC, he has been refining many of the skills that the BASE program equipped him with.

In addition to teaching him valuable life skills, the St. John’s BASE program also connected Conrad to volunteer involvement as he escorts patients in the Radiology Department at St. John’s on a monthly basis. In addition to volunteering at St. John’s Hospital, he also volunteers with SCIL through involvement in the Price Cutter Charity Championship golf tournament. Conrad believes that volunteering and helping others is an important part of who he is and encourages all young adults to do the same.

Vocationally, Conrad is a very popular employee at the Candy House where he works part time doing an array of tasks. He believes that having a job and working hard is one of his largest responsibilities that he takes very seriously. He plans on putting his education, skills and imagination to work someday through his ultimate goal of working in film. According to Conrad, he plans on being a triple threat as a writer, producer and director on the big screen.

Conrad is a bright young man with good character and a solid foundation from which to grow and achieve success. His many supporters of parents, teachers, family, friends and myself are very proud of the achievements he has made and are confident that many more will come. A successful student, employee, volunteer and major asset to our community, Conrad is an inspiring success story of a young man with Asperger Syndrome who does not let his disability hinder his plans.


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